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Firefox is being spread all around the world, lots of users boast about its usability and speed, but probably one of the most important reasons that have made it to be so famous is the easy way to personalize it.

You can personalize it by adding add-ons to make your Internet experience even better, but you can also change its look, and thousands and thousands of users love personalization.

Firefox is skinnable, but Personas for Firefox takes Firefox personalization one step beyond. It makes even easier to personalize Firefox by using skins.

Usually, when you install a new theme for Firefox, you have to restart it, but if you use Personas, you'll access a vast library of skins for free that will be installed and dressed in a few seconds, without having to restart your favorite browser.

Finally, you can also create your own skin and share it with the rest of the community easily. Just create two pictures, one for the Header and another for the Footer and upload it from the Official site.
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